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World Wide Angle was started in ’96 after i had finished my stint at photography school. My plan was to photograph the world through my favorite lens, the slightly wide angle 35mm. I love this lens because it forces me take a step closer to get the perfect shot which leads to a connection with my models and/or subject matter. I find the “step closer” so important that it is the first topic i touch on when teaching classes. Discussing the lens and my plans with my good friend Mitch, from California based Hugo Mitchell Advertising, led to him coming up with the wordplay name, World Wide Angle.

In the years since that evening, i have been true to my plan of documenting the world with my 35mm (& many other lenses), but it is time for a new chapter. Through ‘contemporary portraiture’ and with the experience gained in the field, i now want to focus on making amazing photographs of the most important subject matter in the world; your kids and your family.

contemporary portraiture  |  コンテンポラリー ポートレート
photographer : andrew vorland  | アンディ ボーランド : フォトグラファー