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From the time i bought my first SLR camera — a Nikon FE2 — at age 12, there have been very few spans in my life that i have not seen through a viewfinder. Through junior high & high school i was involved with the school yearbook from photographing & working in the darkroom to editorial responsibilities at the small international school i attended in Nagoya, Japan. Upon returning to the US for college, i worked for the school paper as a photographer & ran the darkroom. After college, the dream of becoming a photographer was put on hold, but not for long. I soon started studying photography in earnest, more to remember than to learn, but soon realized that there was much that i didn’t know so decided to enroll in photography school. After finishing with the school in ’96, i returned to Japan and started World Wide Angle Photography. Since then i have worked for various publications and travelled the world expanding my stock library. I’ve worked for United Airlines and JAL’s inflight magazines along with national magazines on both sides of the Pacific. For a number of years i was the art director, as well as photographer for Avenues, a Nagoya based magazine for expats. Recently i was “discovered” by Jill D’ Art, a prestigious local modern art gallery which has lead to my wearing the hat of an artist also.

Being born & raised in Japan of an American family has led to my bi-lingual/bi-cultural state, a perspective which gives me a unique “eye” when making my photos. It is this perspective i will draw on when i focus on making your children and family’s portraits a special piece of artwork.

My wife Yukari & i are based in Nagoya, though we are on the road quite a bit.

world wide angle  |  ワールド  ワイド  アングル
contemporary portraiture  |  コンテンポラリー ポートレート