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— あんでぃ



Music has been a passion of mine since i was a little kid. From rock & roll to jazz to Hawaiian, my music collection is quite eclectic as are the musician I have met & seen perform. In my equally eclectic collection of former careers, I have had the opportunity to run live music clubs, produce concerts and even spend a year on the radio as a morning DJ. Through the connections made from these jobs and from various media assignments, i have also over the years developed experience, as well as a passion for, photographing musicians. Musicians on stage, as well as in the recording studio, have an aura about them that is a challenge and pleasure to photograph.  andrew

We are available for shooting live performances, studio recording sessions and musician portraits. We also have experience in photographing for and designing CD jackets. Andrew would also be happy to open his stock library for musicians needing images for promotional material.

Please contact us for our pricing on the above services.