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Contemporary Portraiture




Contemporary portraiture, as the name itself proclaims, is the latest trend in portraiture. Unlike the staged & posed classic portraiture that has been popular over the years, and definitely has its merits, today’s photos are less posed, more relaxed & much more expressive with a natural look. This type of portraiture, which we specialize in at World Wide Angle, has a journalistic feel highlighting the story and emotions of our models. We capture images of your kids & families in natural settings acting and expressing themselves as they would in their daily lives.

Our preparation of these images we capture also reflects the latest trends while setting some of our own. Though each piece is edited & designed in a way which best portrays the subject matter, our choice of products, from the canvas wall hangings to the personalized press photo books, all have a modern, artistic touch.

At World Wide Angle we promise to do our best to capture and present your images with a fresh and unique perspective worthy of being called “Contemporary Portraiture”.

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