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A Portrait Worth 1000 Words

A Portrait Worth 1000 Words

This is spontaneous portrait taken years ago that i have been trying to emulate ever since.
昔、まだKodak Tri-Xを使っていた時代の一枚。親友と息子のひと時を完璧にとらえた一枚と思います。

Hand Held Hanabi - 手筒花火

Hand Held Hanabi – 手筒花火

11:49 am , 02/02/2018 0

An amazing and absolute must see matsuri held in the fall in Toyohashi.

Cars, cars, cars...

Cars, cars, cars…

10:59 am , 01/18/2018 0

I was given the opportunity to photograph some amazingly rare and beautiful cars for a clients calendar…

Just a Door

Just a Door

4:13 pm , 12/18/2017 0

Just a door and nothing more…

Weed, CA

Weed, CA

12:05 pm , 12/01/2017 0

Did some driving around California this past summer and one of the more memorable towns i drove through was Weed…