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Weed, CA

Weed, CA

12:05 pm , 12/01/2017 0

Did some driving around California this past summer and one of the more memorable towns i drove through was Weed…

On a Foggy Night

On a Foggy Night

8:03 pm , 11/22/2017 0

Into a foggy night i went for a walk, imagining stories by Poe that had yet to be written.

Legoland Pre-open...

Legoland Pre-open…

8:20 pm , 03/29/2017 0

I have never been to a Legoland before, but from what i know of them, i always thought it would be fun to photograph…and it was!

On Coffee Shop Walls

On Coffee Shop Walls

11:42 am , 02/20/2017 0

At a coffee shop i’m a regular at some of my works hang on the wall. Kinda’ nice to see. If you have a chance, drop by for a great cup of joe and a look-see.

Instagram, up and funning...

Instagram, up and funning…

10:12 am , 02/14/2017 0

Incase you haven’t heard the news, i’m on Instagram. Woohoo!! We’re having fun now. If you like the works i put up there, i’d appreciate the follow.