A Portrait Worth 1000 Words

A Portrait Worth 1000 Words

This is spontaneous portrait taken years ago that i have been trying to emulate ever since.

Hanging out with my good friend and his son at his brother’s house, where i was crashing one summer, i looked up from my book to see what you see here. As Greg did some more coloring, reading or whatever it was he was doing with Kenny, i quietly grabbed my camera and took just this one fleeting shot before they looked up, the expressions changed, head angles moved and the perfect image flew out the window. But i got this shot on film, which if the old adage is true, is worth a thousand words and in this case, many, many more. I will leave you with those words now and not mine….

昔、まだKodak Tri-Xを使っていた時代の一枚。親友と息子のひと時を完璧にとらえた一枚と思います。それ以来ずっとこのような一枚を撮ろうと頑張り続けています。

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  1. Herb Peek says:

    Great shot! Beautiful memory.

  2. Steve says:

    Thank you Andy … this is a classic, so evocative and poignant, a window on Greg’s soul and soulfulness.

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