Hand Held Hanabi - 手筒花火

Hand Held Hanabi – 手筒花火

11:49 am , 02/02/2018 0

Toyohashi Tezutsu Hanabi

An amazing and absolute must see matsuri held in the fall in Toyohashi. While the spectators are drawn to and impressed by the height and power of the sparks flying out of the hand held fireworks, the participants boast is the strength of the final explosion and the poise they maintain at the moment it happens. Here are images of both.

僕が絶対見るべき日本の祭り5本の指に入ると思うのは秋に行われる豊橋の手筒花火です。観客は花火の高さに見惚れますが、参加者にとって  は火の粉を被りながらしっかりと火筒を支え持つのはもちろんのこと本当の見せ場は火薬の残り最後に筒がハネる爆発音の力強さを競り合っています。この二枚の作品は両面を写しています。


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