Daily Pix Revisited - 今後のデイリーピックス

Daily Pix Revisited – 今後のデイリーピックス

9:09 pm , 06/26/2013 0

You’ve been redirected here for a reason. For close to 5 years i’ve been having fun with my Daily Pix site where i posted images i took for fun & to keep myself on my toes. The images posted on this site were for the most part exercises in photography technique & composition and assignments that i laid out for myself. To streamline and for (selfishly) easier site maintenance, i’ve decided to close down the Daily Pix site and combine it in with the blog of this site. So, though the images may not come daily (not that they did before) if you want to see the continuation of images from Daily Pix, this is where they will be…

約5年間、自分の楽しみと皆様にいろいろな写真をお見せしたいという思いでDaily Pixのサイトを更新して来ました。今まで観ていただいてありがとうございます、今後は少し変えてブログの形で続ける事にしました。これからはぜひこちらでどうぞ...

Home Game - Dodger Stadium

Home Game – Dodger Stadium


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